Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A good but blurry shot of my hair

Thought I'd post this since it's the first real photo of my hair that I've taken that's halfway decent. This is how I like my hair to look (minus the blur, of course).

So many people seem to have luck with gels, and I just don't. LaBella "Lots of Curls" gel was all the rage at NaturallyCurly.com recently so I bought some. Great hair the first time I tried it -- I thought I'd really found the answer to my curl problems. Yesterday and today, though, I am living in Frizz City. I think I've figured out that my hair can only take so much glycerin before it chokes. I can't use Curl Keeper or Lots of Curls more than one day. Good to know, I guess.

Let's see, then. I cannot use magnesium sulfate or glycerin. And now, frankly, I'm wondering if jojoba oil is another culprit. I'm going to experiment with that next.

When I first went into this whole Curly Girl thing, I expected to find a product or two that worked for me and then just use that forever. It has not turned out that way at all. Weather is a huge factor -- I was able to use curl cremes back in December and January when it was very cold outside. Now, however, they are too heavy for my hair. So, I'm at a bit of a loss about what to feed my hair. I'm pretty sure I need to go light but if I go too light, I don't get enough control.

No Lots of Curls tomorrow. In fact, no glycerin tomorrow or maybe the day after.

I want smooth curls. I wish I knew how to get them.

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