Thursday, December 10, 2009

Curl Junkie Giveaway!

When Marsha at Curl Junkie puts on her thinking cap, new and improved products are sure to follow. Over the past few months, she created FIVE new concoctions that already have the curly community buzzing. (I haven't tried them yet, but you can bet I will soon.) I love the way Marsha runs her business but mostly I love how her passion is reflected through product innovation. Her products are unlike any others, and I swear this woman's brain NEVER stops thinking about ingredient combinations!

In case you haven't been apprised of the new products, here are the official descriptions:

Beauticurls Daily Conditioner - a lightweight instant conditioner/detangler that is perfect for everyday use for all hair types.

Beauticurls Leave-in Conditioner - The companion to the daily conditioner, this is an emollient rich, yet lightweight, detangling, and glycerin-free leave-in.

Curl Assurance Smoothing Conditioner - Got Frizz? This is the conditioner for you. It is perfect for giving you daily moisture with just the right amount of frizz control. This will come in a 12 oz. size!

Curl Fix - Intense Hair Treatment - This is a wonderfully restoring deep treatment that is rich in proteins and amino acids to help your damaged/dry tresses. This is a well balanced treatment that does not leave your hair hard or dry. It can also be used in place of a leave-in as an all-day hair treatment. Wonderful for fine-haired curls as well!

Curls in a Bottle - Curl Styling Solution - This product is all you need to get your curls looking right. Perfect for all hair types especially fine hair, this hair styling liquid gel has a flexible, not hard, hold and due to it’s lightweight conditioners, it won’t dry out your hair. Works well with leave-ins and other styling products and adds great shine and bounce to curls! This also comes in a 12 oz. size!

So, did you just have a brain freeze when you read all that? Yeah, me too. I wanted them all and couldn't decide what to try. But you know what? Decision-making just got easier because if you post a comment and state why you love Curl Junkie, I will read them all, choose the two best comments (maybe I'll go with heartfelt, maybe wickedly amusing, maybe scientifically accurate -- there's no telling, really), and GIVE AWAY ONE CURLS IN A BOTTLE and ONE CURL FIX!

Don't let this chance slip away! You have until December 18 to tell this blog what's so great about Curl Junkie -- and possibly win some free product if your comment curls my toes.


christy said...

Curls in a bottle? Who wouldn't want to try this. Sounds perfect for me and my little blondie daughter to try. We are both 2c/3a. Does begging work....please please please pick us :-)

tonsofcurlz said...

Why do I love Curl Junkie?? Let me count the ways... I love that Marsha uses quality ingredients in her products and that the products work well for such a wide variety of curl types. As a 3B, her products help me achieve the best curl that I can while doing the same for a 2A or a 4A. I'm looking forward to trying the CIAB!

drrph said...

What I love abt Curl Junkie is that it provides info that can be applied to Whites and Blacks the same!!!! Just a great wealth of reliable info!!!

gekko422 said...

I use CJ AFG and get consistently great hair days with it. It doesn't build up, gives me great curl definition, and is pretty much everything I am looking for in a product. Next on my list to try are the conditioners and definitely CIAB.

Shireen said...

One of the things I love about Curl Junkie is that Marsha cares about every curly type, and I mean EVERY type!! Fine-haired wavies, coarse-haired gals (and guys), tightly-coiled hair, thick and wavy/curly hair, and I know I've left out some...but she hasn't! On her site she addresses every curly type imaginable with product recs. I think that is one of the reasons CJ is loved by so many. Marsha cares about everyone, and she wants her products to work for everyone! If she doesn't have a product for someone, she'll create one, and I'm sure of that!

Laura Lee said...

I've never met a Curl Junkie product I didn't like. Leave in, styler, deep conditioner, you name it, I lurve it. I love that in a day and age where manners and customer service sometimes seem gone forever, this company is extremely concerned about making every transaction the best it can be.

DEL said...

Jill I love Marsha & CJ so any chance I get to say it I DO! Now, I know you are old enough to remember Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle. Here's my Curls in a Bottle jingle:

If I could have Curls in a Bottle... the first thing that I'd like to my hair every day, keep the frizzies away OH CJ.... curls are limp without YOU!

rudeechick said...

Are you kidding me?? I don't need the lure of a prize to sing Marsha's praises!

Marsha just has The Touch when it comes to ingredient combination -- her Curl Junkie Line of products is the single most consistently effective product line I have encountered since going CG 20 months ago! Its amazing the wide range of curl types that can have success with the products(think 2a to 4c!!)

IMO, there is no one "star" product in this line - the line shines in and of itself! All the CJ products, from the stylers to the conditioners have the perfect balance of slip to hold, moisture to lightness. I am a fan for life!

attawurl said...

New to the no poo phenomenon. These last few weeks spent lurking in forums, skulking through blogs. Furtive trips to the pharmacy. Secret stashes of product hidden away from the wondering eyes of a significant other.

Like any real addict, I crave the rush of that ultimate wave, that nirvana of curl.

CJ calls to me. It makes no pretense of diffusing my already frizzy situation. CJ tackles the issue head on -- tells it like it is. Gives me the pure stuff in a soothing tonic. Offers a shoulder of support for this weary mop of mine and accepts me for what I truly am. CJ makes me proud to say out loud and in the open -- I am a Curl Junkie!

Michelle said...

I'd love to try the curls in a bottle...and well any of them really...I keep wanting to purchase her products but haven't done so yet...So this would be a great way to try them out!!!!!

Wanda said...

Hello my name is Wanda and it has been 60 minutes since my last Curl Junkie rinse out. I am a CJ-aholic.

Due to life commitments, I have been on hiatus from and from PJism for a couple of months. I've been faithful to my routine including Curl Theory conditioner and Aloe Fix gel in my weekly routine. My once a week routine with CJ products is ridiculously low maintenance and easy.

I visited this week and was DELIGHTED to see that one of the first posts was about new CJ products. I am almost at the end of my Curl Theory and was preparing to buy a new bottle. Now I have other choices and am agonizing over the decision so much, even after reading tons of reviews and feedback, that I sent an email to Marsha for advice. I know I will hear back from her quickly and that her advice will be sound.

Marsha's commitment to quality and responsiveness to customer feedback make her an obvious choice when looking for new products.

She has done an amazing job of recongizing needs of the different types of curlies - seemingly zeroing in on the commentary on the forums and developing products based on texture and not just curl type. She knows what a curl needs.

P.S. I lusted after the Curl Cream last winter like it was a ballerino in tights. By the time I tried a sample (and loved of course!) it was already sold out. *sob* I do NOT plan on missing out on it this year.

Anjolcake said...

I've heard a lot of great things about Curl Junkie products and I would love to give them a try. This would be the perfect way to do so.

Jodi said...

I recently stumbled upon the Naturally Curly website, then that led me here to Jillipoo's blog. I'm 45 years old and up until then have always blown-out and straightened my hair.

Since discovering the CG method, I have let my hair go natural. It's amazing the waves and curl that I have..that I never knew I had. I still have people asking me if I have gotten a perm.

I have tried a couple samples of the Curl Junkie products, and have bought one or two which I use regularly. (like the Curl Cream and Aloe Fix Gel)

I would love to try the Curl Fix or Curls in a Bottle!

And thanks for Naturally Curly and Jillipoo for helping me discover my curls!

cherylp3 said...

I would love to try curls in a bottle as well. I've tried curl junkie in the past and plan to order in the future.

asugirl said...

I am such a sucker for sincerely good customer service, and Marsha works hard to fit that bill. I grew up with a family business that produced custom products and our motto was "the customer is always right." I have found that to be the case with Marsha and Curl Junkie. Whether it be the quality of her products or her honest and complete responses to customer inquiries, she is a true professional. She tries to have something for everybody! I am DYING to try her new items, especially the Curl Fix and Curls in a Bottle, please!?!?!