Saturday, June 28, 2008

Loma Imply rocks

Yesterday, I broke out the Loma Imply Creme. I love the smell of this stuff, plus the last time I used it, I really liked what it did for my hair. So, I used it under Paul Brown's Gelatine Goo (a mild-holding gel that has strong humectant qualities).

And I loved the results. (Sorry no pics. I couldn't get the light or the angle right today!) Super soft hair, fullness, and fabulous curls.

So, I decided to look at the label, even though I'd already checked it out many times before. Guess what the first ingredient is? Aloe vera gel! No wonder it rocks! I think I have found my new favorite hair creme.

With quite possibly the worst product photography ever, Loma's site gives an overview of their offerings, but unfortunately also fails to disclose ingredient lists. I will never understand companies that don't tell people what's in their products. I won't buy something if I can't learn first what's in it. And since Loma's whole premise is natural, healing, nourishing, and organic, you'd think they'd be happy to tell you what ingredients they use. Because they don't, though, it casts some suspicion on what they sell, and that's unfortunate because I am thoroughly and utterly delighted with Imply Moulding Creme and would probably buy other things from them if they'd be a little more upfront about what's in them.

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