Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is there a cure for product junkieism?

Also known as PJism, this condition is rampant and growing among women in general and with curly-haired women in particular. Treatment is still in development: cures have been elusive and there is no 12-step program for this problem.

First, though, let's define this condition and its victim. A Product Junkie (PJ) is someone who keeps purchasing products despite:

* lack of funds
* an abundance of existing product
* hair that already looks great
* having found products that are compatible with her hair

Most PJs recognize that their conduct is a little abnormal. For example, they know that other people do not:

* hide their purchases from other family members in an attempt to avoid the inevitable intervention
* buy products they know will not work for them
* repurchase products that failed to work for them

Oddly, Product Junkies are not ashamed of their buying habits. On the contrary, many are proud of their overflowing medicine cabinets and wear their unbridled consumerism like a badge of honor, especially when talking to others who are similarly afflicted. If you have a PJ in your life, you would be wise to note this personality trait because it means your attempts to alter their behavior will be futile. The average PJ does not wish to change. Trying to modify their behavior is like putting lipstick on a pig: it doesn't work and it only annoys the pig.

If you are a PJ, take note: nobody believes your halfhearted promises to go straight and stick with a handful of products. When you use the swap board at just to ensure that no company name appears on the package that gets sent to your house, you aren't fooling anybody who lives with you.

When your purse is extra heavy, nobody thinks it's because your wallet has more money or you've acquired a few new keys -- they know you're carrying around a new jar of something to eradicate frizz in the afternoon.

And when you're in a drugstore, it's obvious that the hair care aisle is your real destination, even if you force yourself to meander there after picking up ant traps and tampons.

Everybody knows. And I know too, because I'm right behind you in that aisle.


Wanda said...

* lack of funds
* an abundance of existing product
* hair that already looks great
* having found products that are compatible with her hair

Well I'm still paying my mortgage and utilities so I'm safe with funds.

I only have two shelves with hair products - define abundance !

Does my hair already look great? - Very subjective!

Compatible yes but HG-worthy???

Based on this assessment I can happily say I do not suffer from product junkieism. :)

Sage Vivant said...

LOL! So you have one fewer worry in this life, Wanda. You are not a PJ!

On, and I've seen your Fotki. I know your hair looks great. ;)

DEL said...

Oink! Oink! Guilty as charged! My biggest fear is that my favorite thing will stop working, so by trying different products I have lots of favorites! See how I rationalize? Besides like Tiffers says there is no such thing as an HG! I must admit with better understanding of what works "best" for my hair I have been able to curb the PJ more then I used to ;) But, I still have too much stuff *LOL*

Anne said...

Very, very funny.

I do display those warning signs related to obsessive drugstore-related behaviors (gratuitous trips, hiding products.....)

But I think I have a ways to go on "looking great" and "having found compatible products."

So I can keep buying, right? Of COURSE I can!

Thanks for the laughs, from a wavy curly

Suburbanbushbabe said...

And don't even think about staging an intervention.

StruttsWife said...

No, there is no cure. I think I secretly became a stylist so I could indulge without having to justify as much ;)

Morrighu Tel Uvrith said...

HAH! You *buy* stuff... I'm in the kitchen like a mad scientist cooking stuff up to put on my hair.

Products don't arrive at my house very often any more. Instead, I have boxes of ingredients arriving.

So you'd have to redefine PJ for me :)