Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weird Product Wednesday: Rockin' Ringlets

In keeping with our Jessicurl theme of the past week and a half, I thought I'd cover a product that I have a love/hate relationship with: Rockin' Ringlets.

How do I love thee, Rockin' Ringlets?

Well, first off, you are made of flax seeds and we all know what a friend flax seed is to curly hair. Mwah!

Secondly, you are unlike any other product in look, consistency, or aroma. You break the mold for products and I am a sucker for originality. For this, I kiss you.

Next, you give me beautiful, clumpy curls that never look fake or stiff or overdone. I could hug you for this alone.

But how do I not love you, Rockin' Ringlets?

Well, first off, I have to remember to shake your bottle before use, and for some reason this action is not always intuitive. Especially first thing in the morning. Over time, though, I have accepted this charming quirk of yours.

But the real reason I do not love you is because you possess something that my hair rejects: magnesium sulfate. Oh, I know; magnesium sulfate is just plain ol' salt and for many people, that ingredient makes curly hair curl and stay curled. I don't hate you for being salty -- I just wish magnesium sulfate didn't give me wicked halo frizz after one day of use.


Why can't hair care be a slam dunk? Early in my CG journey, I started using Jessicurl. All was well for the first few weeks and I was so delighted to have found what was clearly my holy grail product line. Then the halo frizz started. Mild at first, but after a few more weeks, the halo frizz was no longer curly but straight! I hadn't seen my hair without curl since my last trip to Arizona (where the dew point was so low that my entire head of hair had no curl at all and I am not exaggerating). So, I knew that something in Rockin' Ringlets was drying me out, and it didn't take long to figure out, after reading about magnesium sulfate in the "Ingredients Philosophy" on Jessicurl's site, that that was the culprit. These days, I can only use it once a week or so. (There is magnesium sulfate in Confident Coils, too, but Jess says there's much more in Rockin' Ringlets.)

Tiffany recently pointed out that the magnesium sulfate issue might afflict porous hair like mine more than non-porous hair. Her theory is that magnesium sulfate can build up in the pockets and holes that characterize porous hair, thereby giving it more opportunity to dry the hair out. Sounds reasonable.

As Jess stated in her interview here recently, mixing Rockin' Ringlets with either some oil or even Aloeba may help to relieve some of the magnesium sulfate troubles for those of us who experience that reaction. (I haven't tried this yet but intend to soon.)

So, for me, Rockin' Ringlets is a weird product because when it's good, my hair looks smashing but when it's bad, I want to smash my hair.

(If you're not sure what Rockin' Ringlets will do to your hair, either buy some on the swap boards at or buy a trial pack from Jessicurl.)

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