Friday, January 23, 2009

Curly brains

I had planned to write about hair porosity. I had also planned to write about dew points.

And then a couple of smarty-pants bloggers beat me to it. And dang if they didn't do great jobs, to boot!

Tiffany's latest blog post is a MUST READ for any curly. If you've been baffled by what your hair needs and the product junkie in you has been taking blind stabs at potentially magic potions, you will learn how to kick that habit when you read what she writes about the role of porosity in determining what to feed your hair.

Meanwhile, PittsburghCurly provides a fabulous summary of the dew point phenomenon. It seems like I'm always talking about this topic when I'm at and maybe people think I'm obsessed with it. (Can you imagine? What a preposterous notion.) But it is so important to get the connection between dew point and your hair's needs, and I'm so glad PittsburghCurly has crafted such a great reference post. And I like that she called me a hair geek.

If you read both these posts, you will know 90% of what you need to know to keep your hair looking great.


Paula said...

Hey, you are a hair geek. :) I saw Tiffany's post too, and I need to go pester her for some clarification. I agree with her that curl type is less important coarse vs thin and porous vs non-porous. I just can't grasp them yet. Porous and coarse sounds like the same thing to me at this point.

Thanks for linking to me!

Jennifer said...

It's the Giovanni Tea Tree conditioner. I just started using it this week, but so far I'm liking it!