Monday, January 5, 2009

Sites you need to know about

The blogosphere is rife with curls! I wanted to point you in the direction of three of them that I think are especially fabulous.

1. Live Curly, Live Free. This site was created by noneother than "struttswife" at Whether you're starting out or think you've got this curly hair thing licked, you're bound to learn something new at this site. What I like best about it is her emphasis on hair thickness and texture as barometers of what locks need, rather than how they curl. (Massey devotes a lot of time in her book to distinguishing one type of curl from another, and ultimately, it means almost nothing. It does little to help you determine a routine.) I strongly recommend this site, especially since struttswife has dispensed a load of excellent advice on the discussion boards -- she truly knows her stuff.

2. Curly Nikki. There is a whole world of transitioning curlies out there and they face some unique challenges. I tend not to address any of them on my blog, mostly because of my complete lack of experience with that aspect of curly hair. But once you visit Nikki's blog, you realize the depth and breadth of issues that transitioning hair entails. Despite this specific focus, Nikki understands what a blog should be: varied and interesting! She offers giveaways, features testimonials, and product reviews so it feels like a community as well as a resource. Plus, she's a good writer!

3. The Daily Curl. This blog launched today, so there's no history -- but there's a ton of potential! An enterprising curly who frequents assembled a group of loquacious curlies together and unleashed them in one blog space. And I am one of them! This interesting group of women have only three things in common: opinions, experiences, and curls that have at one time or another vexed the hell out of them. They (we) write so you can learn from their (our) mistakes! I hope you'll check it out. I'm very excited to be a contributor.

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