Friday, January 23, 2009

Non-hair: Suds you'll love

Hair care is not the only thing that goes on in your shower. At least, I hope it's not. Those of us who are CG avoid lather on our heads, but we're not generally opposed to it on our bodies. And boy, have I got a resource for you.

I discovered Savor Soap about six months ago when I was at Etsy searching for something else entirely (can't even remember what). The love affair began instantly.

Obviously, the photography is irresistible. Even if you don't want to suds up with these fascinating creations, surely you want to take a bite out of them. But don't -- this soap doesn't contain any SLS/SLES (them's is sulfates, by the way), propylene glycol (a petroleum product), or parabens, and it is vegan, but it's still not very tasty (or healthy for the digestion).

The brains behind this charming operation is a woman with a passion for food that she translates into soapmaking. This connection explains why so many of her concoctions are named after edibles: Creme Brulee, Raspberry Walnut Panna Cotta, Mmm Pie.... And unlike so many scented cleansing products, these are not overbearing. They are just remarkable.

I started out loving the soaps but because I have always preferred creams and gels in the shower, I gravitate more toward her creme fraiche products now (pictured here). They come in a jar and are creamy, often whipped-like, versions of her soaps. Absolutely delectable.

And she's having a little promotion until late tonight: order anything and she'll throw in a sample of one of her newest creations! Just put JanNews in the comment field of your order and she'll toss one in. By the way, the only way to do business with Savor is to use PayPal.

Don't forget to check out the body scrubs -- they are unforgettable!


Girl with Curl said...

I looove scents like this. I'm currently using my Sephora birthday beauty insider gift. It's a body wash that smells like a cupcake.

Paula said...

Oooh, those sounds nice. I'll have to check it out