Friday, April 17, 2009

A curly community for the curious

I am delighted to report that Tiffany (of Live Curly, Live Free site and blog, aka StruttsWife) has set up a forum for those of us who have moved beyond the "what hair type am I?" stage and long to know more about what makes products work, why our hair behaves as it does, and what we can do to respond to hair's specific needs.

Can you even imagine how excited I am about this? Plus ... I am a moderator on the forum, which means I will have to read everything, even if it takes me away from my day job. Oh, the sacrifice.

Visit the Live Curly, Live Free Forum to see whether it's a place you can appreciate. Even if you don't feel you know enough to contribute, there's nothing wrong with lurking. We all stand to learn so much from a forum like this one, and big hugs to Tiffany for creating it!


Kelly said...

I'm pretty new to CG (a little over 3 months) and to researching how to take care of my hair, so I feel like I'm probably "not worthy" to post on that forum yet. :o) I'll lurk for a while like you've suggested. It's great to have another, more informed, forum option besides!

kathymack said...

We were all newbies at some point and, hopefully, went about learning in our own way. I'm thrilled to have a place to go where the expectation is that people will take some responsibility for their learning.