Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weird Product Wednesday: Japanese hair trends

I have my boyfriend to thank for sending me this little tidbit. Have I got him trained or what?

Maybe this is a trend that we'll soon see in the U.S., but Japan-based Mod's Hair is selling hair products based not on hair type (or desired hair type!) but rather on the hairstyle itself. For instance, take the "Airy Bob" hair wax. You would buy this product if you intended to wear your hair as the model to the right is wearing hers. You can see where the "airy" comes from -- it isn't flat and straight -- and obviously, her hair is cut in a bob. What an ingenious way to sell product. With all the hairstyles that are out there, you could convince users that they need a different product for every one!

And yes, there is one for curls. Well, waves. It's called Wave Memory and it's intended to make your hair "remember" the waves you create for it in the morning, even if you run your hands or fingers or a comb through it during the day. Hmmmm. My hair does enough thinking for itself, thank you, I don't know if I want it defying my attempts to run my hands through it. And when does it stop working, I wonder? Maybe when it gets wet? I don't know enough Japanese to read the site and find out.... But I wonder if it will hold naturally curly hair as well as it professes to hold fake curls/waves?

I couldn't find an ingredient list (in English) so I don't know what magical stuff these products contain. Maybe one of you can let me know!

And in keeping with our Japanese theme today, here's a little glimpse of the recent Japanese Hair Show. If this doesn't make you glad that all you have to worry about are some uncooperative curls, I don't know what will.

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