Thursday, April 9, 2009

One step closer to geekitude

I've had my eye on this book for months. But at $175, I balked. Justifiably, I think.

And then, about 10 days ago, I saw it on Amazon for less than half of that. And I had just gotten paid, so ... I bought it. It arrived today and my inner curl is all a-twitter.

It's the fourth edition (the most recent) but it came out in 2002, so perhaps I won't learn about the latest and greatest product interactions, but at least I'll learn more about the hair itself -- how it behaves, what role heredity plays, how certain substances react with it.

Either that, or it'll be completely over my head, I'll abandon the whole idea, and go back to getting all my information from women's magazines.

Wish me luck. I'll share any cool stuff I pick up here so we can learn together.


Julie said...

Can't wait to hear your findings! I had to check online to see if my library had it, but of course it didn't. Geekitude forever! :)

Susan said...

At least you try and I will expect you to translate for the rest of us who only understand the magazine speak.

squirtygirl said...

Ummmm....even the Kindle version of this book is like $175!! That's just ridiculous! I got my Kindle for the $10 price tag on books! This is totally not fair! :)

Sage Vivant said...

Squirtygirl, I know, right? What is up with the exorbitant price of this book? It's like a big conspiracy to keep us from learning what we need to know about our hair! (Just kidding. It's just fun to cook up conspiracy theories.)