Friday, January 30, 2009

Same head, different day

Aside from the fact that a clear and accurate photo of my hair is a rare thing indeed, I offer the following two pictures, taken the same week, to show the unpredictable variations in curl I am forced to endure.

So here we have my hair with KBB milk as conditioner, KBB nectar as leave-in, Donna Marie Aloe and Honey Curling Jelly, and Fuzzy Duck gel. In real life, it looked curly. In this photo, however, it does not. But notice the length -- it's pretty long for me. For me to use this many products with glycerin in them, the dew point had to have been in the mid to upper 40s. On this day, it was 48.

I like that there is virtually no frizz but I am still baffled by why in real life, the curls were more pronounced, whereas in this picture, they just look wavy. Does anybody else have this happen to them? Or am I just delusional when I look in the mirror?

This photo was taken yesterday -- and it is Day Two hair of the following combo: EO Rose and Chamomile conditioner and then more added as leave-in, KCCC, and Fuzzy Duck gel. Dew point was 40ish. It's curlier, for sure, but it's also not as smooth (there is a little frizz). Note, too, how much length I've lost and how much volume I've gained. (It's okay, really -- I kind of like big hair.) Funny, what curls do.

Notice, too, what a dork I am with a camera.

So isn't it odd that humectants on a moist day did not make my hair as curly as products with fewer humectants on a drier day? Or is it just that EO Rose and Chamomile ROCKS?

And wouldn't it be a regular laugh riot if the reason for the difference is something completely unrelated to glycerin and moisture levels? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hysterical.


Paula said...

Who knows what the Hair Gods decide? What if we're wrong about moisture and humectants? HA!

I notice the same thing with photos. I see more curls IRL than I see on photos.

Girl with Curl said...

I agree with your hair looking different in pictures and in real life. Sometimes I'm excited about taking a picture because I'm getting some nicely defined waves and then when I look at the picture its like ehhh nothing special. Same thing goes for makeup in pictures too.

DEL said...

Very diff looks, kinda nice to change it up huh? I find the DMHJ kinda lengthens my waves, maybe it does this to your curls as well??? And YES you are a little dork with the camera *LOL* Just kidding ;-)

DEL said...

OH and I forgot to say, YES, I've taken pics then decided not to post them because they looked NOTHING like what I saw in the mirror!